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  • © Copyright pictures © VIER PFOTEN | Bogdan Baraghin
  • © Laura Patras
  • Tiger Transfer
    VIER PFOTEN a transferat cu succes șase tigri siberieni la LIONSROCK
  • Thailand: Tiger Temple
    VIER PFOTEN caută o soluție pentru cei 147 de tigri de la Templul Luangta Maha Bua din Thailanda.
    Un voluntar la proiectul Caii Liberi din Letea a fost premiat.


  • © FOUR PAWS / Desislav Chervenkov
    Donate for a bear!
    FOUR PAWS rescues bears used for bear dancing, bear baiting, as well as many from run-down zoos, circuses.
  • © FOUR PAWS l Mihai Vasile
    Donate for a big cat!
    FOUR PAWS rescues big cats from terrible situations and re-homes them at our South African sanctuary, LIONSROCK.
  • © FOUR PAWS | Mihai Vasile
    Donate for an orangutan!
    With your continued support can we rescue and provide a haven for orangutans to learn the skills needed for their life of freedom.
  • © FOUR PAWS | Hristo Vladev
    Donate for a stray!
    The life of a stray dog is not an easy one - plighted by disease and lack of food, these animals can suffer greatly.
  • © FOUR PAWS l Mihai Vasile
    Donate for a horse!
    In many European countries, horses are still used in agriculture and for the transportation of goods.


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